Mark Grijalva is the CEO of MGM Fitness. He is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified TRX® Level 3 Black Rank Coach, who has over 16 years of experience within the fitness realm. He has a wide range of experience and education that provides him with the knowledge, training and professionalism to work with youth, adults, seniors and clients with developmental and physical disabilities.  Mark focuses on teaching all clients basic fundamentals to an exercise program while he works with each client on reaching their individual goals whether it be to lose weight, increase muscle mass, increase cardiovascular endurance, sport conditioning and/or overall strength.

Mark is a TRX® Suspension Training Specialist.  He ranks within the top 1% of the highest qualified TRX® instructors nationwide.  He is the only trainer in the Central Valley with this ranking.  Holding this ranking allows MGM Fitness to be a Premier TRX® licensed facility.  He loves the versatility that TRX® offers in mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance for his clients regardless of their fitness level.  
Mark has a passion for fitness and takes his role seriously on how he can help each client reach and sustain their personal fitness goals. He encourages every one of his clients to learn, build and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

When Mark is not personally training on TRX® he enjoys prepping for the events he participates in by cycling, running and weight training.  Some of the events he has competed in include the Men's Health Urbanathlon, San Luis Century Ride, Pleasanton Triathlon and Spartan Races.  He also spends much of his free time organizing the "Be Your Own Hero" 5k Event that raises funds for a local non-profit.
MGM Fitness Trainer Mark Grijalva





Shayna Dobbins is a Schwinn and Kaiser Nationally Certified Cycle Instructor.  Shayna began her cycling journey 11 years ago as a way to take her personal health into her control.  She found cycling helped her achieve her personal goals of living a healthy lifestyle.  She fell so in love with cycling and the community that comes along with it, she decided to become a cycling instructor in 2013.  She found cycling classes made it possible for her to combine so many things she loved and had a passion for.  Her passion for people, music, rhythm, health, bikes and love of fitness emulates in every cycling class she teaches.  She loves the satisfaction of knowing she can help her client's push their limits.  In her classes you will find Cycling is an experience where a person can connect their mind and body in a way like no other and sweat out any worries, cares and/or burdens you may be carrying while having fun and leave feeling refreshed, positive and accomplished.

When Shayna is not sharing her passion of Cycling and Fitness with her clients she enjoys spending time with her husband of 11 years and their two children Claire and Sawyer.  She is a full time 3rd grade teacher.  She also still makes time to enjoy the other things she loves like running, lifting weights, swimming, teaching Sunday School as well as taking time to enjoy good food and wine.