Staff List

Mark Grijalva

Mark Grijalva is the owner and operator of MGM Fitness. He is a Certified Personal Trainer, who has over 14 years of experience within the fitness realm. He has a wide range of experience and education that provides him with the knowledge, training and professionalism to work with youth, adults and seniors. Mark focuses on teaching all client’s basic fundamentals to an exercise program while he works with each client on reaching their individual goals whether it be to lose weight, increase muscle mass, increase cardiovascular endurance, sport conditioning and/or overall strength.

Mark has a passion for fitness and takes his role seriously on how he can help each client reach and sustain their personal fitness goals. He encourages every one of his clients to learn, build and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

He also understands the dedication it takes to live a healthy lifestyle as he personally, in earlier years, has struggled with sustaining a healthy balance in his own life.